Mobile enabled Workforce Managment platform

RainCatcher is a set of the applications that help developers to build Workforce Management solutions. Functionality of applications can be modified by applying various RainCatcher modules.

RainCatcher applications
  • Mobile Field Operator App - cross platform Apache Cordova based mobile application
  • Administrator Portal - Administration portal for creating and scheduling operator workorders
  • Server - Node.js application based server that is being used as backend by mobile and portal applications
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Open Source

RainCatcher is fully OpenSource licensed using MIT Licensed Source code is hosted on Github.

Modular Architecture

RainCathcer delivered as set of npm modules, this allows a developer to select set of functionalites. Modules are platform independent allowing developers to reuse code for mobile, web and node.js based server applications.

Hybrid mobile development

Using Apache Cordova and Angular based user interface. Mobile application designed to work with IOS and Android.

Object oriented

Api build using TypeScript provides set of the interfaces and classes that can be referenced in separate modules. Focus on documentation and extendability

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