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RainCatcher WFM

RainCatcher WorkFlow Management module is an TypeScript implementation for an equivalent subset of the Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) specification.

This module allows users to map a business process into an organized set of tasks that can be built by developers to suit business needs.


The WFM module consists of a set of TypeScript interfaces and implementations for Process Management. The module's main entities are:

  • WorkFlow: contains an ordered set of definitions of Steps than are instantiated into a WorkOrder for execution
  • WorkOrder: instance of a WorkFlow to be executed
  • Step: defines a single unit of work
  • StepResult: the output of the execution of a Step
  • WorkOrderResult: Tracks the progress of a WorkOrder

The classes are framework-agnostic which allows a developer to focus on the implementation of Business Processes on top of any new or existing solution.

Getting Started

1) install all dependencies:

If inside the lerna-based mono repo: lerna bootstrap --scope=@raincatcher/wfm --include-filtered-dependencies

2) For standalone usage: npm install

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